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University of Oslo

Linguistics Institute

Image of ønning Jan Tore coordinates the whole project. It is his main responsibility that the different parts of the project work as a whole. In this respect, he is particularly interested in the co-operation between `deep' linguistic and symbolic approaches on the one hand and empirical data and statistical regularities on the other hand. Besides this, with his backround from logic and semantics he is particularly interested in the role the semantic representations play in the translation process.
Email: jtl at ilf.uio.noHomepage:
Stephan Oepen
Image of Stephan Oepen As the Technical Manager for the consortium, Stephan coordinates the design and realization of a functional, end-to-end translation system. His main interests are in `deep' linguistic approaches to NLP, specifically HPSG parsing and generation, combined with aspects of algorithmic efficiency and integration with stochastic components for disambiguation. Besides his work on LOGON, Stephan holds a part-time position at Stanford's Center for the Study of Language and Information and liaisons to their LinGO Laboratory.
Email: oe at csli.stanford.eduHomepage:
Janne Bondi Johannessen
Image of Janne Bondi Johannessen Janne has been involved in the project since the planning phases, and is now a member of its board. She is responsible for the development of the parallel tourist text corpus, which takes place at the Text Laboratory, and will also assist Torbjørn at NTNU with the evaluation of the translation demonstrator.
Email: j.b.johannessen at ilf.uio.noHomepage:
Dan Flickinger
Image of Dan Flickinger Dan Flickinger, manager of the LinGO Laboratory at Stanford and developer of the LinGO English Resource Grammar (ERG) used for realization in LOGON, has been a semi-permanent visiting researcher to the project almost from the beginning. In 2003 and 2004, Dan spent two three-month visits with LOGON, and in the spring of 2005 agreed to relocate to Oslo for the remaining project duration. While on a leave of absence from Stanford, Dan joined the UiO group to adapt the ERG to the tourism domain, help in cross-linguistic harmonization of semantic representations, and contribute to transfer and the end-to-end system as a whole.
Email: danf at csli.stanford.eduHomepage:
Kristin Hagen
Image of Kristin Hagen Kristin works with the content of the Norwegian database, among other things with "cleaning up" and updates in cooperation with Victoria and Daniel.
Email: kristin.hagen at ilf.uio.noHomepage:
Lars Nygaard
Image of Lars Nygaard Lars is responsible for compiling a parallell corpus for the project.
Email: lars.nygaard at ilf.uio.noHomepage:
Liv Ellingsen
Image of Liv Ellingsen Liv is a Ph.D. student in LOGON. Her project aims to describe soft constraints that govern the ordering of certain types of adverbials in English clauses in such a way that they can be exploited by the generation module in a machine translation system.
Email: livel at hf.uio.noHomepage:
Erik Velldal
Image of Erik Velldal As a Ph.D student within the LOGON project, Erik will look at ways of using statistical methods to deal with ambiguities at various points in the translation pipeline. The main focus will be on building maximum entropy models for ranking the output of the generator and the transfer component.
Email: erikve at hf.uio.noHomepage:

Digital Documentation Unit

Daniel Ridings
Image of Daniel Ridings Daniel Ridings is working with making the lexical databases available as a general resource. He is also looking at how the data produced by LOGON can be integrated into the lexical database for future use by other projects.
Email: daniel.ridings at muspro.uio.noHomepage:

Nordistics and Philology Institute

Ruth Vatvedt Fjeld
Image of Ruth Vatvedt Fjeld
Email: r.e.v.fjeld at inl.uio.noHomepage:
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University of Bergen

Department of Linguistics and Comparative Literature

Helge Dyvik
Image of Helge Dyvik Helge is, together with Victoria, responsible for the development of the Norwegian syntactic and semantic analysis. This is done within the framework of Lexical-Functional Grammar on the Xerox Linguistic Environment (XLE) platform. Helge is especially engaged in the derivation of semantic representations in MRS format from the grammar, but also in coverage and efficiency.
Email: helge.dyvik at lili.uib.noHomepage:
Image of én Victoria works together with Helge on the development of the Norwegian LFG grammar. She has been especially interested in the integration of the grammar and the lexicon and in techniques for handling lexical and syntactic ambiguity. She is cooperating with Daniel and Kristin on improvements in the lexical database, and she developed the test suite which was used for the project's mini-demonstrator.
Email: victoria.rosen at hit.uib.noHomepage:
Gunn Inger Lyse
Image of Gunn Inger Lyse Gunn Inger Lyse has been appointed as a three-year doctoral (Ph.D.) researcher, starting in January 2004. She investigates the use of lexico-semantic information, acquired through the Semantic Mirrors method, for automated word sense disambiguation (WSD). The overall aim is to evaluate the plausibility of the Mirrors method as a semantic knowledge source. The Ph.D project links up to the LOGON project because lexical ambiguity as a computational problem needs to be dealt with in the task of machine translation.
Email: gunn.lyse at lili.uib.noHomepage:

Unit for Culture, Language, and Information Technology

Paul Meurer
Image of Paul MeurerPaul is working, together with Helge and Stephan, on the integration of the XLE platform into the other, Common Lisp-based, system components. In addition, he develops a preprocessing module comprising a morphological analyser (based on Norsk ordbank), a compound analyser and a named entity recogniser (based on The Oslo-Bergen Tagger).
Email: paul.meurer at aksis.uib.noHomepage:
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Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Language and Communications Sciences Institute

Lars Hellan
Image of Lars Hellan
Email: lars.hellan at hf.ntnu.noHomepage:
ørn Nordgård
Image of ørn Nordgård
Email: torbjorn at hf.ntnu.noHomepage:
Dorothee Beermann
Image of Dorothee Beermann Dorothee, together with Lars, is responsible for the development of the transfer grammar. The LOGON translation system is based on semantic transfer, using Minimal Recursion Semantics (MRS). The transfer grammar itself is a resource sensitive rewriting system of meaning representations, working with MRS-structures, using typing and a hierarchical organization of rules. Being engaged in the development of computational HPSG-grammars, Dorothee is in particular intetested in the role of lexical semantic information for deep language processing and MT.
Email: dorothee.beerman at hf.ntnu.noHomepage:
Petter Haugereid
Image of Petter Haugereid Petter is a PhD student on the LOGON project. He is interested in implementation of HPSG grammars. In his projekt he wants to find out if it is possible to make implemented grammars more efficient by underspecifying the lexicon and letting rules and the type hierarchy take more of the burden.
Email: petter.haugereid at hf.ntnu.noHomepage:
Hanne Moa
Image of Hanne MoaHanne is a Masters-student interested in words and phrases which needs exceptions and readjustments of parse and transfer rules, like for instance idioms.
Email: hanne.moa at nvg.ntnu.noHomepage:
Arnt Richard Johansen
Image of Arnt Richard JohansenArnt Richard is a Master's student interested in automatic MT evaluation metrics. In his thesis, the LOGON demonstrator, in its various stages of development, will have its output evaluated, and compared to other "baseline" MT systems.
Email: arntrich at stud.ntnu.noHomepage:
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