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14th International Conference on Parsing Technologies

Conference PROGRAM

Wednesday, July 22

9:30–10:30Towards Universal Syntactic Processing of Natural Language
Slav Petrov
11:00–11:30Domain Adaptation for Dependency Parsing via Self-Training
Juntao Yu, Mohab Elkaref and Bernd Bohnet
11:30–12:00Combining Active Learning and Partial Annotation for Domain Adaptation of a Japanese Dependency Parser
Daniel Flannery and Shinsuke Mori
12:00–12:30Incorporating Complementary Annotation to a CCGbank for Improving Derivations for Japanese
Sumire Uematsu and Yusuke Miyao
14:00–14:30Dependency Parsing with Graph Rewriting
Bruno Guillaume and Guy Perrier
14:30–15:00Semantic Parsing for Textual Entailment
Elisabeth Lien and Milen Kouylekov
15:00–15:30A Framework for Procedural Text Understanding
Hirokuni Maeta, Tetsuro Sasada and Shinsuke Mori
16:00–16:20Suitability of ParTes Test Suite for Parsing Evaluation
Marina Lloberes, Irene Castellón and Lluís Padró
16:20–16:40Coordination-Aware Dependency Parsing (Preliminary Report)
Akifumi Yoshimoto, Kazuo Hara, Masashi Shimbo and Yuji Matsumoto
16:40–17:00MSTParser Model Interpolation for Multi-Source Delexicalized Transfer
Rudolf Rosa and Zdeněk Žabokrtský

Thursday, July 23

9:20–9:50Non-Deterministic Oracles for Unrestricted Non-Projective Transition-Based Dependency Parsing
Anders Björkelund and Joakim Nivre
9:50–10:10Enhancing the Inside-Outside Recursive Neural Network Reranker for Dependency Parsing
Phong Le
10:10–10:30Maximising Spanning Subtree Scores for Parsing Tree Approximations of Semantic Dependency Digraphs
Natalie Schluter

Friday, July 24

Large-scale Semantic Parsing as Graph Matching
Mirella Lapata
11:00–11:30CKY Parsing with Independence Constraints
Joseph Irwin and Yuji Matsumoto
11:30–12:00Dependency Parsing with Compression Rules
Pablo Gamallo
12:00–12:30Stacking or Supertagging for Dependency Parsing – What’s the Difference?
Agnieszka Faleńska, Anders Björkelund, Özlem Çetinoğlu and Wolfgang Seeker